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December 06, 2019 3 min read


Shahla Karimi has set herself apart from the crowd in NYC with uniquely abstract luxury jewelry. Her eco-friendly contemporary designs have made her one of the most-watched indie jewelry designers of NYC, leading to collaborations with Kenneth Cole and most recently the Diamond Foundry. 

We are inspired by her modern style and her bold business tactics. She shares with A.Listers why she never takes ‘no’ for an answer, how to style turtlenecks for everyday looks, and why she is looking at the next generation for inspiration.



Making a memorable statement with a uniquely modern sustainable style is what Shahla Karimi has been doing for years. As the founder and the creative spirit behind Shahla Karimi Jewelry,  which crafts (in our humble A.Team opinion) timeless pieces for any occasion, her end goal is not the product. 

“I am selling a way for people to encapsulate their memories in precious metals,” Shahla explains with a smile, “It's a form of alchemy where I turn life's moments into pieces of jewelry.”

Yet, it is more than that. To Shahla, making jewelry is an opportunity to ensure she is not harming the environment. 

And it is easy to see why she is looking to the future. “I think it's important that we think about where things come from and the impact that it has on our planet,” she told us at A.Lynn’s Fit For Purpose shoot, “not just for us, but for future generations.”



A.Lynn Asked...

Q: What 3 pieces of jewelry do you think should be in every woman’s jewelry box? And what's your Shahla Karimi pick for each of those three styles?

A: 1) A Statement Ring, Diamond Studs, Layering NecklacesAnswer 2) Zodiac Reveal Ring, Express Stop Subway Studs, Birthstone Lariat

Q: As an entrepreneur and mother, what is your go-to piece of clothing that allows you to chase the babe and look presentable for biz meetings?

A: Anything that can be easily cleaned and dressed up with jewelry and a hat when I am leaving Mads to go to work! I live in my A. Lynn Turtle Tank, Turtle Top, and Turtle Dress. Yes, I love turtles.

Q: As an X-Small/Short body type, what brands do you shop for bottoms and/or dresses of the right length?

A: A.Lynn of course and Kooples, Derek Lam, and Paige Denim typically fit me best with few to no alterations.




Shahla launched her company in 2014 with a New York City-inspired collection, and she is now excited to tackle a huge problem in retail and jewelry design- where materials come from.

“One thing that I'm really passionate about right now is solving the problem of not knowing where things come from that we produce." She explains that is why she is currently only using recycled gold and up-cycle gold. And though sustainable clothing has become more well-understood, there are challenges when it comes to ethically made jewelry, due to the rare nature of the material. “I absolutely love challenges because I know that if it's hard to do, it's going to be harder to replicate.” 

For someone in a competitive industry, she has learned that confidence in your design is the best way to turn a ‘no’ into a 'yes’. “I usually try to find out why the answer is no and find out what I can do to change their minds.” She says “I work in a very competitive industry, sometimes even with [my own] customers. I will make appointments for them [customers] with my competitors, and I say go to Anna Sheffield, but let me have the last look.” It is this raptor with customers that have added to her brand's success.

Check out Shahla Karimi Jewelry and follow her on Instagram to see all her incredible work. 

Shahla is wearing A.Lynn's Turtle Top. 

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