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November 21, 2019 2 min read



She is making inclusivity not only about sizing but functionality. Founder and innovator of Slick Chicks, Helya Mohammadian, is challenging the lingerie status quo and in the process revolutionizing underwear. 

She spoke with the A.Team about problem-solving and how she stays comfortable while building a fashion brand.




When you can’t find the solution, you pave your own way- something Helya Mohammadian has been doing since a personal experience changed her perspective on underwear.

Her sister, bed-bound after a c-section left her in pain for weeks was unable to do anything without the help of her husband. That is when Helya came up with the idea to make underwear outside the box of the standard pull-up bikini briefs. Adding a row of hook-and-eye closures along each side seam. Making it easier for people, especially people with a disability, to dress with ease.   

Wielding a pair of scissors on the floor of her Manhattan apartment, she began reinventing a daily clothing staple that hasn’t seen innovation in over a century. Helya is the founder and innovator behind Slick Chicks, underwear that bridges the gap between fashion and function by making underwear conducive for females of all types, sizes, and handicaps. 



Bringing functional inclusivity to fashion. Check out how Slick Chicks is changing underwear forever.



QUESTION:  What is your favorite outfit to walk the dog and hang outside in? What brand is your favorite for any of the pieces in that outfit?

ANSWER A:  I live in comfy sweats and "athleisure" wear. ANSWER B:  I wear a lot of Nike leggings and basic tees.

QUESTION:  Besides Slick Chicks, what is your favorite undergarments brand? Which bra would you suggest to wear under your A.Lynn top?

ANSWER A:  I love Hanky Panky for simple lace thongs. ANSWER B:  I like to wear bralettes under delicate tops.

QUESTION:  How do you style the A.Lynn top for a night out?

ANSWER:  I love to style a classic A.Lynn top with a fun bottom or pair of boyfriend jeans and heels.

QUESTION:  What are your must-have accessories for everyday wear?

ANSWER:  My must-have accessories for every day are my jewelry pieces passed down from my mother and grandmother. A simple, but a beautiful gold necklace and ring works with any outfit, including an A.Lynn classic tee.

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