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January 06, 2020 2 min read

4 Tips On Layering Outfits For Cold Winter Mornings

Winter layers can present problems in the morning. Yes, we know you are tired, it is cold, and you are supposed to make it to work looking great when it is raining...
Ok, so let's take this step by step. Here are four tips to look great when running out the door in the early hours of dark winter mornings. 


(A.Lynn suggests the Baby Tee for under sweaters)

1) Always wear a base layer. Not wearing a basic tee or tank under winter sweaters is a huge and hot mistake. If you skip the base layer when running out the door, you will regret it later when the office's central heat has you dripping sweat at your desk. You'll know if your co-worker is a victim of this common mistake when she is re-applying deodorant uncontrollably throughout the day. Layering in the winter is essential.


(A.Lynn suggests the Turtle Dress to pair scarves)

2) If you love it and you're cold, put a scarf on it. It may be "winter," but that doesn't mean that you have to wear a sweater. A scarf is a simple accessory of winter that can add a pop of color/pattern/texture and some warmth to any light-weight shirt. A basic top can be dressed up with a light printed scarf (like silk or cotton) and easy to wear the same style shirt multiple days by just changing it up with different styled scarves!!


(A.Lynn suggests the Turtle Dress to pair with sassy socks)

3) Socks are for more than just keeping your feet warm in the winter. Use socks to dress up your shoes. A few fun tips... A warm chunky sock with a winter-y print (like fair aisle or argyle) can add some height and industrial-style to a pair of ankle boots, or some tall (knee or thigh-high) thin socks can be added to an over-the-knee, heeled or flat boot for an elegant and elongated leg,

Finally, try a thin ankle sock or stocking with a pair of pumps to keep your foot (somewhat) warm while conquering a high-heel in the winter. 


4) Mix in colors. Monochromatic color schemes need to be carefully thought out. Though this is a winter trend, it is simply hard to get different shades of one color to mix in a way that is flattering and easy on the eye. If you’re not confident that you’re five shades of purple between all the layers you’re wearing blend, then avoid it altogether. Besides, in the morning, your sleepy eyes will love the color variety that your awake eyes will hate. It’s okay to mix-and-match color together, so leave the monochromatic suits to the red carpets and runway shows. 

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